Artist Series Vol.2: Fast Boo

For this second Artist Series we feel ecstatic to have Fast Boo in command of the ship, arguably the funkiest fellas we know of.

Fusing influences from the 70's Jazz-Funk, the 80's Boogie and Pop plus some traces of 90's Hip Hop, they pull off this luscious deep funky cosmic sound, that inescapably activate your feet and make your mind wander to space. Names like Prince, Zapp & Roger or Cameo may inevitably come to mind when listening to these tunes. 

Directly extracted from their freshly released debut album, inside you will find a set of 1000 one shots, 146 loops and multiple instruments and presets for Ableton, Maschine and MPC as well. A sound gamut comprised of acoustic and groovy drums, funky bass lines, rhythmic guitars, spacey analog synths, drum machine percussions and glamorous FX, make it a very particular, resourceful and enjoyable to play library. Ableton Live and NI Maschine packs include all 10 demo tracks arranged and pre-programmed through MIDI files, to be able to disjoin and play around with each single sound in every composition.

So, put on your flashiest clothes and some roller skates and let’s roll together back to the 80's!

Tech Specs

Ableton Live Pack:

1000 WAV Samples
10 Project Live Sets
142 Live Instruments
121 Live Clips

Akai MPC Pack:

1000 WAV Samples
70 Akai PGM Kits

NI Maschine Pack:

1000 WAV Samples
10 Projects / Beats
80 Groups

(alias: HSAS2)

WAV Pack:

1000 WAV Samples
146 WAV Loops

Complete Bundle
Ableton Live + NI Maschine + Akai MPC + WAV packs
Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 9.7, Maschine 2.4.6 and Akai MPC 1000/2500 or above.


Compatible with most samplers
1000 WAV Samples
146 WAV Loops
24-bit/44.1Hz Format

Akai MPC

Compatible with MPC 1000 & 2500
1000 WAV Samples
70 Akai PGMs
16-bit/44.1Hz Format

+ ~1GB WAV Pack

NI Maschine

Compatible with Maschine 2.4.6
1000 WAV Samples
80 PGMs
10 Projects / Beats
24-bit/44.1Hz Format

+ ~1GB WAV Pack

Ableton Live

Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 9.7
1000 WAV Samples
142 Live Instruments
121 Live Clips
10 Projects / Beats
24-bit/44.1Hz Format

+ ~1GB WAV Pack
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