Sound Routes: Maghreb / Morocco – Marrakesh (Day #2)

Text and field recordings by Dudu Bongo.
Pictures by Ana Larruy.

This post is the continuation of Sound Routes: Maghreb / Morocco – Marrakesh (Day #1).


In our first morning in Marrakesh, we woke up at 10 am, had a delicious breakfast and jumped out the street, hoping to find the way to Jemaa El-Fna… yes, again.

We tried hard to find the correct way to the square, but in Marrakesh, if you get distracted for only a second, you have a high probability of missing that one street you had to turn onto. Somehow, and with some good luck, we got lost into a maze of squeezed streets and old tall buildings, where sunbeams appeared to stain thin lines on the ashen walls. All of a sudden a set of laughs and yelps reached my ears from a group of children playing and enjoying some street games.

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Sound Routes: Maghreb / Morocco – Marrakesh (Day #1)

We’re utterly excited to finally share this beautiful project in collaboration with Dudu Bongo, which will take us around the world captured through his ears. Musician, instrument craftsman, ethnologist, sound recorder and curious mind are one of the few faces of his polifacetic personality. His boundless sensitivity and strive for knowledge about the history of cultures through sounds and music, will make this journey worth reading, seeing, listening and feeling.

We invite you to take 15 minutes of your time to be able to fully experience this first stop on our first travel together, to the lands of Morocco. This first post will take us through their first day in Marrakesh. Stay tuned for Day 2 in Marrakesh, and also the cities of Ouarzazate, Agadir & Tagazout and finally arriving to Essaouira to conclude this beautiful trip.

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Befaco Sampling Modulator Review

By Pepe Coca -a.k.a. POSITIF

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Befaco’s Sampling Modulator eurorack synth module. Befaco is a spanish synth manufacturer whose output is focused mainly on Eurorack modulars.

They started as a small DIY project community, hosting workshops at Barcelona’s “Hangar” art production center. I used to be one of those attending these workshops, and with their help and knowledge built a few of their modules -aswell as my “x0xb0x” tb-303 clone and my “Elkorus” solina rack chorus unit-. Not only they’re great synth designers, they’re also very nice chaps and will do whatever it takes to help you finish your DIY project.

Befaco’s modules were build to a custom format at first. They used eurorack 3u size panels, +/-15v power -much like 5u modulars- and banana connectors -like Buchla and Serge systems-. Today they have adapted their designs to the eurorack “standard” with +/-12v rails and minijack connectors, but you can still build their modules with your choice of connector -current PCBs are designed to fit both options- and even power -some modules work equally well at both voltages-. The modules also look much better now in my opinion, since they have abandoned their self drilled white DIY panels in favour of a professionally silkscreened black design -that reminds me of big “macho” modulars-, with much better interface layouts aswell.

So, what does the “Sampling Modulator” do?

Like most of Befaco’s lineup the Sampling Modulator follows the west coast synth design philosophy of “one module: many functions”. It can be used as a gate sequencer, clocked sample and hold, oscillator, clock generator, sampling shaper and even as a bit-crusher of sorts. All in all, this makes it an extremely versatile module, and considering that is only 8hp in size -like most “regular” Doepfer modules-, the bang for buck/hp is quite high!

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Artist Series Vol.1 – Skygaze Interview

Our first Artist Series features Skygaze, the musical project of Jaime Tellado. An architect by profession fond of music from an early age, but it was not until April 2013, when he decided to give a name to his current project, which has been published in various netlabels (Neonized Records, SoullessLab RecordsLove Our Records and more).

In 2014 he was the winner for an artistic residence in Laboral Arts Center in Gijón (Spain). That same year he self-released a cassette LP titled “Endless Harvest“, plus an EP on Love Our Records and participated in several compilations, including Synthzine. He has been nominated for the Vicious Music Awards 2014 in the categories of Best IDM Artist, best album and best live act. His live has been seen at festivals like Sónar 2015, ARTeNOU, CasiMiniFest, Nokodek or MIRA. Continue Reading

Sweet Chords Vol.3 Walkthrough – NI Maschine

Hello Sampleheads!

Our new Sweet Chords Vol.3 is out now and we’ve made a video walkthrough of the Maschine pack to show you guys what’s new and exciting about this library.

We’ve listened to your suggestions about making longer chords and we’ve also expanded our sound palette by creating layered chords formed by various instruments like vibraphones, guitars, field recordings, synths (OP-1, Poly Evolver, Nord and Blofeld), vinyl noises and of course the electric piano!

The way we’ve built the kits is also different. We’ve made combinations of chord progressions and single notes to play along and also other combinations made from electric piano chords and analogue chords made of diverse sounds.

The result is 1500+ sounds divided by 48 different construction kits that respond to different moods and ideas that fits perfectly to House, Hip Hop, Future R&B, Electronica and even cinematic compositions.

Sweet dreams and happy beatmaking!