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Artist Series Vol.2 – Fast Boo Interview

For this second Artist Series, we’ve had the enormous pleasure to count on Fast Boo as commanders of the ship; two young fellas stemming from Barcelona’s surroundings within one of the most prolific and exciting music scenes in the area.

They first started as Hip Hop producers back in the days, consolidating their ‘RCA Flacos’ project and as they’ve matured and perfected they’re sound, they’ve inevitably shifted they’re sonic approach to a more danceable and sexy sound with Fast Boo.

Now, they’ve recently released his debut album, that include 10 original tracks released on Little Red Corvette Records with various vocal collaborations. These same 10 tracks have been converted to projects and kits for this library, sharing with you how they’ve composed, arranged and produced they’re tracks. So, we’re going to chatter with them about all this things and more…

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Artist Series Vol.1 – Skygaze Interview

Our first Artist Series features Skygaze, the musical project of Jaime Tellado. An architect by profession fond of music from an early age, but it was not until April 2013, when he decided to give a name to his current project, which has been published in various netlabels (Neonized Records, SoullessLab RecordsLove Our Records and more).

In 2014 he was the winner for an artistic residence in Laboral Arts Center in Gijón (Spain). That same year he self-released a cassette LP titled “Endless Harvest“, plus an EP on Love Our Records and participated in several compilations, including Synthzine. He has been nominated for the Vicious Music Awards 2014 in the categories of Best IDM Artist, best album and best live act. His live has been seen at festivals like Sónar 2015, ARTeNOU, CasiMiniFest, Nokodek or MIRA. Continue Reading

Sweet Chords Vol.3 Walkthrough – NI Maschine

Hello Sampleheads!

Our new Sweet Chords Vol.3 is out now and we’ve made a video walkthrough of the Maschine pack to show you guys what’s new and exciting about this library.

We’ve listened to your suggestions about making longer chords and we’ve also expanded our sound palette by creating layered chords formed by various instruments like vibraphones, guitars, field recordings, synths (OP-1, Poly Evolver, Nord and Blofeld), vinyl noises and of course the electric piano!

The way we’ve built the kits is also different. We’ve made combinations of chord progressions and single notes to play along and also other combinations made from electric piano chords and analogue chords made of diverse sounds.

The result is 1500+ sounds divided by 48 different construction kits that respond to different moods and ideas that fits perfectly to House, Hip Hop, Future R&B, Electronica and even cinematic compositions.

Sweet dreams and happy beatmaking!


Spaced Out FX. Vol.1 Walkthrough – Ableton Live Macro Controls

Hello Sampleheads!

In this video we would like to show you some some sounds and the Ableton Live performance capabilities for our brand new premium library: ‘Spaced Out FX Vol.1‘!

It’s a fact, that we’ve all been suffering from boring sound packs made out of filtered white noise with no personality at all. That’s why we’ve put together a collection of effects, rises, drops and never ending drones with a spacey flavour to it. To accomplish that, we’ve used the most bizarre synths in our collection and pushed the limits of their modulation capabilities while boosting their uniqueness with rare & boutique FX boxes. A great tool to add some space and dynamism to your productions!

The synths we’ve picked are analog and digital beasts like Korg Mono/Poly, Roland SH Series (SH-101, SH-2 & SH-3), Roland Jupiter 4, a gigantic Eurorack modular system or the recently discontinued Moog Voyager & Moog Little Phatty synthesizers. We’ve also thrown in sounds from a few modern marvels like Waldorf Blofeld, Teenage Engineering OP-1 and Dave Smith Instruments Evolver.

For the Ableton Live Pack, we’ve mapped some macro fx controls like: pitch, filter, delay, flanger, grain and reverb so you can give your personal touch to the sounds and enhance them as you like! (If you need information about the Ableton Live pack installation, please visit this page.)

Happy beatmaking!