Sweet Chords Vol.4: Organic Modular Chords

Rugged textures blending with saw-tooth and square waves, saturating an analog filter’s input with a smooth envelope. Ambient chords using sine waves together with abstract textures and background foley and delays, creating hypnotic rhythms. Wowed Electric pianos (that sweet effect that old vinyl players make when they get subtly out of tune and tempo) nurturing a reverb with it’s feedback set to the infinite, creating a space in your mind that evokes the future but smells like the past.

Sweet Chords Vol.3: Organic Sustained Chords

Finally our third Sweet Chords volume is here! We've made this time a more complete, eclectic and versatile library. We’ve pushed it further by creating layered chords formed by guitars, vibraphones, synths, field recordings, vinyl noises and of course the characteristic Electric Piano. Also, we’ve listened to your suggestions based on the first two volumes and made longer chords.

Sweet Chords Vol.2: Vintage Electric Piano

The second volume in our series of our experimental electric piano themed sample packs is out! Arecio & Hi.Mo have locked themselves up in the studio again to delight you with some fresh and inspiring sounds1754 sounds divided in 10 construction kits that contain Electric Pianos, Organs and Synthesizers.

Sweet Chords Vol.1: Electric Piano 2 Moog

If you enjoy the sound of pure analog circuitry sweetened through juicy Moog filtering... If you like the bell-like tones of a fine-tuned Electric Piano playing jazzy and funky moods... And if you wouldn’t mind to have a bunch of nicely-cut dusty vinyl sounds as a bonus... this is definitely your library!