Flavours #3: Jawbreaker Trap

Are you ready to blend up those fast hi-hats with our always presents organic touch?

HelloSamples is here to spice up your sampler with new delicious Flavours…

As a third taste we have Jawbreaker Trap, a ground-shaking collection of layered sample cuts, loops and MIDI beats exploring this exciting music with our always-present organic texture.

If you nod your head to the sound of artists such as Mura Masa, Ekali, Ta-ku, Feki or Sango and labels such as Selection, Jakarta or HW&W, this is your lucky day! Get ready for that punchy and crisp TR-808 sound, layered drums and synths, crazy hi hat and jazzy drum patterns, all that ranging from 100 to 150bpm’s.

Inside you will find 21 production recipes ready for Ableton and Maschine made of construction kits / MIDI beats with the punchy sound which suits this kind of genre perfectly: quaking sub kicks, deep TR-808 basses, dope snare rolls, crazy hat lines, arpeggiated leads, raw synths, organic FX elements, vocal chops and of course some smooth electric piano chords…

A total of 600+ different samples and more than 300 WAV loops, make a crunchy and tasty meal for your favourite sampler.

Without further ado, get your toothbrushes ready because this library is sweet and you can’t get enough of it! Aggressive and soft, punchy and groovy, the sound of tomorrow…

Tech Specs

Ableton Live Pack:

620 WAV Sounds
21 Projects / Beats
320 Presets incl. Drum Racks (41), Sampler (256), Synth Presets [Operator, Analog] (23)
345 Live Clips

Akai MPC Pack:

620 WAV Sounds
41 Akai PGM Kits

NI Maschine Pack:

620 WAV Sounds
21 Projects / Beats
48 Groups

(alias: HSF3)


WAV Pack:

390 WAV Loops
620 One Shots

Complete Bundle
Ableton Live + NI Maschine + Akai MPC + WAV packs
Compatible with MPC1000 & 2500, Maschine 2.4.6 + Massive 1.4 and Ableton Live Suite 9.6.2 or above.
(VAT not incl.)


Compatible with most samplers
(VAT not incl.)
620 One Shot Samples
390 WAV Loops
24-bit/44.1Hz Format

Akai MPC

Compatible with MPC1000 & 2500
(VAT not incl.)
620 Sample files
41 Akai PGMs
16-bit/44.1Hz Format

+ ~1.98GB WAV Pack

NI Maschine

Compatible with Maschine 2.4.6
(VAT not incl.)
620 Sample files
48 PGMs
21 Projects / Beats
24-bit/44.1Hz Format

+ ~1.98GB WAV Pack

Ableton Live

Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 9.6.2
(VAT not incl.)
620 Sample files
320 Presets (41 Drum Racks, 256 Sampler Instruments, 23 Synth Presets [Operator, Analog])
345 Live Clips
21 Projects / Beats
24-bit/44.1Hz Format

+ ~1.98GB WAV Pack
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