Free Sounds & Presets

Abstract Casual Percussion

Abstract Casual Percussion is a collection of weird percussion stuff found near the studio. Dry bay leaves, shakers, cabasas, water drops, weird kalimba sounds and space echo delays. If you are searching for raw and organic percussion stuff, with an extra space sounding touch, grab this Sound Pack!

Acoustic / Analog Drums

Acoustic & Analog DrumKits is a collection of kits recorded from different sources. Three different analog drum machine kits (TR-606, CR-8000 and XBase09), an acoustic kit in a jazz mood, a digital 8 bit chiptune drum kit (sampling the OP-1 Dbox synth engine) + some little more gems... Add some Analog and Acoustic Drums to your library!

Synth, Keys & Instruments

Synth, Keys & Instruments is a collection of electric piano chords, Moog guitar riffs, sax sounds, and synth experiments... Add some experimental instruments to your library!

Sub Phatty Multidrived Synth

We have sampled the SubPhatty playing with the original presets and our own. Then we have programed some patches for NI Maschine, Ableton Live and MPC. Feel the Moog power!

Moog Voyager Bass Tones

This sound pack includes painstakingly sampled -yes, you guessed it-, Moog bass patches recorded mono with a UA 6176 preamp, then directly into the MPC input. Including more than 100 MPC/Maschine/Ableton Live Instruments/Sounds for instant bass gratification!


Moog Sub 37

We've been beta testing the new Moog's Sub 37 OS and software editor for a while so we couldn't help ourselves but to make new sounds and share them with you guys. We think they're a good starting point for you to experiment beyond and also learn the logic behind. Well, let us know what you think, we might end up doing something bigger and better!

Teenage Engineering OP-1

This little baby is a monster! And because we love it we've decided to make a part of our free sounds available for this sampler too. Drums, percussions, vinyl noises and keys for your Teenage Engineering OP-1!