Modular Drums Vol.1

How it sounds
Tech Specs
  • Ableton Live Pack
    • 2050 WAV Samples
    • 260+ Ableton Live Presets including:
      • 55 Drum Racks
      • 12 Impulse Kits
      • 9 Sampler Instruments with selectable sounds (all sounds included in a patch)
      • 190 Sampler Instruments of individual sounds
  • NI Maschine Pack
    • 770+ Samples (incl. Bass Drums, Snares, Hi Hats, Toms, and tons of Percussion and FX)
    • 52 Groups (incl. Raw, Experimental and Processed Kits)
  • Akai MPC Pack
    • 750+ Samples
    • 47 Akai PGMs
  • WAV Pack
    • 2050 Samples (incl. Bass Drums, Snares, Hi Hats, Toms, and tons of Percussion and FX)

    All audio files in WAV 24-bit / 44.1kHz format, except for MPC which come in 16-bit / 44.1. kHz.

    About the Library

    After our take on some modern analog classics -Jomox Xbase 09, Vermona DRM-1 & DSI Tempest- which we sampled thoroughly for our Raw Series of drum libraries, we decided to take a more experimental route this time and build a set of custom drum kits and sounds out of Pepe's (Positif) huge and tasty eurorack modular.

    The idea was not just to build an assorted set of drum samples, but something that had a certain sound to it, something coherent that could resemble a real retro drum machine when mixed together. The inspiration came from the story behind Roland's own TR-808 voice design. It's been said that some of the mythical TR sounds were first synthesized via a giant System 700 modular housed at Roland's engineering lab in Japan, and that those patches served as the template for the circuits behind the now legendary voices of the 808.

    We've recorded all raw sounds directly from the modular as round-robin multisamples. This multisampling technique, given the slightly unstable nature of modular synthesizers, brings a lot of liveness and realistic analog character to the sounds, since no samples will sound the same when put in a row while building a beat. We've also done chromatic tom instruments playable with a keyboard for melodic lines, and even a chromatic bass drum patch! What’s not to like?

    Last but not least, we have mixed, layered and processed again all those samples, and created a collection of 16 pad kits with them that will fit in a vast amount of music genres. 

    The cool thing is that, because of the custom nature of the modular system used, it sounds like no other drum machine on earth! Modular Drums Vol.1 really is as unique and alive as it can be!

    Peace, love and modular drums!

    Original illustrations by Chris Stack

    Gear Used

    The list of modules used in the library includes rare and unique custom DIY modules like the Ian Fritz Teezeer through zero VCOs, Metasonix's R-54 supermodule all-tube VCO/VCF, Befaco's MS-20 filter clone, Doepfer's Bode Frequency Shifter and many, many more.

    To top it off, we've used some of the best outboard gear to sample this incredible system: Great River MP500-NV preamps, A-Designs REDDI tube DIs, Mytek AD converters and custom top quality cables.

    Complete Bundle
    Akai MPC + NI Maschine + Ableton Live + WAV packs
    Requires MPC1000 & 2500, Maschine 2.4 + Massive 1.4 and Ableton Live Suite 9.5 or above.


    Compatible with most samplers
    24 Bits Format
    2050+ WAV Samples

    Akai MPC

    Compatible with MPC1000 & 2500
    16 Bits Format
    750+ Sample files
    47 Akai PGMs

    NI Maschine

    Compatible with Maschine 2.4
    and Massive 1.4

    24 Bits Format
    770+ Sample files
    52 Groups

    Ableton Live

    Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 9.5
    24 Bits Format
    2050 Sample files
    260+ Live Presets
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