Moog Sub 37 Free Presets

35 Presets for Moog Sub 37 including:

- 7 Basses
- 1 Duo Sound
- 5 Evolving Sounds
- 12 Leads
- 4 Percussions
- 6 SFX

Loading presets is easy.

In order to send presets to your Sub 37 you need a the Official Moog Sub 37 Editor or any software that sends Sysex messages such as “Sysex Librarian” or “MidiOx” free software. When you send a preset message via sysex, the preset is loaded into your Sub 37 buffer data (temporary memory) and it can be played immediately.

If you press any preset button or power off the synth before saving it, the preset will be erased from the buffer. You will need to load it again in order to play it. If you want to save this preset in a Sub 37 memory location use the “SAVE” hardware buttons and proceed to a manual saving as soon as you send the Sysex from your computer. (you can choose your memory location and even change the name if you want)

About the presets

Creating sounds with the Moog Sub 37 is something natural for me. From the first day I got this little monster in 2014, I could not resist experimenting with it and applying all my knowledge of sound design to it.

As a beta tester for Moog, I’ve been building these presets while testing their new OS and software editor.

The result is a collection of 35 presets containing Bass, Leads, Percussions, FX and other amazing sounds!. Some of these sounds have been created to be also played with the modulation wheel and aftertouch. If you’d like to experiment beyond and also learn the logic behind, these presets are a good starting point for it.

Check out the video to get a more accurate idea of how they sound like.

And please, feel free to leave your thoughts about them and suggest presets you would like me to do in the near future.

Borja Ruiz - Head of Product


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