Ladies and samplemen, HERE IT IS! The next chapter in our series of premium speciality libraries

After the warm reception of our first installment in the analog percussion world (the acclaimed RAW Series Vol.1) we decided to make a library built on the same honorable principles -realism, dynamics and usability- but with a more agressive and punchy sound that complemented the organic, creamy and percussive nature of the previous collection. Of all the drum machines in our arsenal we felt that the 09 was the box that best represented this idea, and thus our next victim was chosen!nnThe 09 is a 909 inspired drum machine with a twist. The great thing about it it’s that, although you can use it to emulate a convincing 909, it can also go WAY beyond it’s limits. The bass drum and snare circuits have much wider range and the sound is a bit more modern and over-the-top. It’s like a 909 on steroids! This is specially nice since you can end up with something that sounds “familiar” yet not dated like the overused original 909. A clever way of sounding different.

Why should you care about dynamic range in sample libraries?

  • 1-Well, for a start, compression and normalization are a process that is almost impossible to counter. Of course you can use expanders to regain some dynamic range, but the negative artifacts of compression and volume normalization will still be there. So if you want to use dynamic sounds in say, a more “laid back” production, you just can't do it with regular libraries.
  • 2- When dealing with synthetic analog sounds, dynamics are key. Unlike real drum and instrument samples, synthetic sounds are already very undynamic, so having the option to “let them breathe” a bit is certainly a good idea.
  • 3- It's as close as having the machine yourself. The “real deal” doesn't sound compressed, it sounds RAW.
  • 4- Most producers have their own set of preferred tools and dynamic processors. Some like the sound of a certain optical compressor, while others love “brand X” digital brickwall limiter. Producers and artists -like yourself- are very idiosyncratic, everybody has their preferences. However, most libraries are already compressed and maximized to hell with “brand Y” compressors and limiters, this leaves no headroom for the producer to apply his own set of tools, his “sound”, and he ends up with a production sounding timeworn, plain and ordinary.
  • With Raw Series we've decided to let the artist choose what's best for his production.

    Pick your poison for only 10 euros!



  • More than 2300 painstakingly handcut samples (about 200 different sounds x 7 round robin hits + more than 300 single one-shots), organized by type and descriptively labelled. ⁃ A minimum of 4 Round Robin samples of each sound for added realism -most hits have 7 or more Round Robin samples-.
  • 40 ready to use Machine kits.
  • 20 ready to use MPC kits (1000/2500)
  • 298 ready to use Ableton Live kits including:
    -23 Drum Rack Kits
    -18 Impulse Kits
    -250 individual Sampler patches (Round Robin)
    -7 groups Sampler patches
  • 6 Kontakt patches including automatic Round Robin management.
  • We've included exclusive features like a Tom/Conga chromatic instrument patch (Maschine,Ableton, Kontakt) that we painstakingly created with the existing drum channels -this was quite a challenge since the XB09 has no tom voices!-. Add this to our trademark MPC & Maschine implementation and you just got yourself the most complete -and best sounding- 09 library in existence.
    Everything was run through :
    -Great River MP-NV preamp/DI (Neve 1073 topology pre with Cinemag transformers) & Neve 8801.
    -Mytek Stereo 96 AD & UA 2192 mastering grade converters.
    -Lava Cables -kept as short as possible- with Neutrik interconnects.
    This kind of quality is only found in acoustic instrument libraries of the highest caliber. ⁃ Instant gratification: Although the samples are not compressed, we feel they're SO good that they're actually ready to use as they are.


    compatible with :

    MASCHINE 2.02
    MPC 1000/2500 original OS and JJ OS
    KONTAKT 5.1
    WAV files in 24 bits 44.100 (16 bits for MPC)