Sweet Chords Vol.1

How it sounds
Tech Specs
  • 1100+ Stereo WAV files at 16bit 44khz (400MB)
    (Tons of chords and stabs)
  • 271 Ableton Live Instruments
    • 46 Construction Kits
    • 206 Chord Sampler Instruments
    • 19 Polyphonic Toys
  • 73 Maschine Groups
  • 35 Akai MPC PGMs (compatible with MPC 1000 / 2500)
  • All files are organized and tagged with metadata compatible with Maschine. Also, clearly organized on the Ableton Live Pack.
    Gear Used

    Instruments: Moog Voyager | Nord Stage 2.

    Processors & FX: Roland RE-201 Space Echo | Moogerfooger MF-104z Analog Delay | Moogerfooger MF-105 Murf.

    Recording: SK MP573 (Neve Preamps) | UA 6176 Preamp | UA 2192 converter | Vinyl Player | MPC 4000 Sampler.

    About this library

    If you enjoy the sound of pure analog circuitry sweetened through juicy Moog filtering... If you like the bell-like tones of a fine-tuned Electric Piano playing jazzy and funky moods... And if you wouldn’t mind to have a bunch of nicely-cut dusty vinyl sounds as a bonus... this is definitely your library!

    The magic lies in the methodology: we’ve connected the audio out of the Clavia -set to a Rhodes patch- into the Filter input of the Moog, while the Moog was controlling the Nord Stage 2 via MIDI. This way the keyboard player was able to “play a Rhodes through a MiniMoog” ie: play Rhodes sounds & Moog VCOs mixed together and then filtered by a stereo Moog Filter.

    This library is a collaborative work with Hi.Mo and Arecio Smith who have accepted to shut themselves up in our studio with just a Clavia Nord Stage 2, a Moog Voyager and a bunch of classic studio effects!

    Chords, riffs and stabs + a bunch of sonic experiments! Trust us, it sounds even better than it reads!

    To put the icing on the cake we’ve passed those samples through several boutique FX boxes such as the Moog Murf -sequenced analog filter- the MoogerFooger MF104 -analog BBD delay- or the Roland Space Echo 201 -tape echo- giving this collection an special “underwater” sound.

    The outcome is a collection of more than 1000 high quality chords and licks, neatly organized by mood.

    But it doesn’t end here! As a bonus we’ve loaded our MPC with lots of vinyl-sampled chords and intervals we’ve pitched them up & down to later process them through the same effects as the EP2Moog library.

    The result is “Well Dressed Vinyl”, more than 200 tastefully gathered dusty vinyl samples!

    Complete Bundle
    Akai MPC + NI Maschine + Ableton Live
    Compatible with MPC1000 & 2500, Maschine 2.2.3 and Ableton Live 9.

    Akai MPC

    Compatible with MPC1000 & 2500
    16 Bits Format
    1100+ Sample files
    35 Akai PGMs

    NI Maschine

    Compatible with Maschine 2.2.3
    16 Bits Format
    1100+ Sample files
    73 Groups

    Ableton Live

    Compatible with Ableton Live 9
    16 Bits Format
    1100+ Sample files
    A Total of 271 Ableton Patches
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