Sweet Chords Vol.4

Everybody was waiting for it! 

Sweet Chords is back for its fourth instalment, more deep and wise than ever.

This time we’ve put together a collection of chords fed by our modular system as the centrepiece, but also coexisting with our beloved Rhodes keyboard, various synths and custom vinyl textures and soundscapes.

This library is divided in three main categories: Raw Modular, EPxModularxSynth and Re-SamplingxModular. The first one, is a set of chords sampled using exclusively our modules without any additional external processing; the second one, is an array of Electric Piano chords processed through our modular system, adding complementary synths (hardware and VST's) and on top of that some modular chords; and last but not least, we have a batch of resampled music from friends and custom vinyl pressings processed through our modules, giving to it a singular granular texture. Pure bliss!

Rugged textures blending with saw-tooth and square waves, saturating an analog filter’s input with a smooth envelope. Ambient chords using sine waves together with abstract textures and background foley and delays, creating hypnotic rhythms. Wowed Electric pianos (that sweet effect that old vinyl players make when they get subtly out of tune and tempo) nurturing a reverb with it’s feedback set to the infinite, creating a space in your mind that evokes the future but smells like the past.

A total of 1500+ different WAV chords arranged in 69 different construction kits (as many modular patches that were put together in the making). These construction kits have also been put together as Groups for Maschine and Instruments for Ableton with our custom macro programming. Also, due to popular demand, we’ve analysed all chords through a super-intelligent-algorithm (which also makes mistakes) and labeled them with their corresponding keys, for ease of use.

What else can you ask for? We can only hope that you trust your guts to take this trip with us to let your creativity go places!

Demo Video
Gear Used

Modular Synths: Qu-Bit Chord, Moog Mother 32, Befaco Rampage, Mutable Instruments Rings, Make Noise Telharmonic, Make Noise Erbeverb, Rossum Evolution Filter, ZVEX Instant Lo-Fi Junky, Ornament & Crimes (in Quantermain mode) + lots of other utility modules…

Other Synths: DSI Pro 2, DSI PolyEvolver, AAS Ultra Analog VA-2, NI Reaktor.

Other Gear: Sound Skulptor MP573, Pre-amp UA 2192 AD/DA and custom vinyl.

Complete Bundle
(Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 9.7, Maschine and most WAV samplers)

· Ableton Live Pack
· Maschine Pack
· WAV Pack

Size: ~9.4GB (24-bit/44.1Hz)

Ableton Live
(Compatible with Ableton Live Suite 9.7)

· 1510 WAV Samples
· 182 Presets (91 Drum Racks +  91 Simpler “Select Series” Instruments)

Size: ~3.16GB (24-bit/44.1Hz)

(Compatible with Maschine

· 1510 Chord Samples
· 95 Groups

Size: ~3.12GB (24-bit/44.1Hz)

Akai MPC
(Compatible with 1000/2500 & 2.0)

· 1510 Chord Samples
· 93 PGMs

Size: ~1.03GB x2 (2.06GB) (24-bit/44.1Hz)

(Compatible with most samplers)

· 1510 WAV Samples

Size: ~3.1GB (24-bit/44.1Hz)

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