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Deluxe mini Roland TR-606 Kit

Deluxe TR-606 sample-set:

Not another 606 sample library, this one is special. We’ve sampled the usual sounds, but also we’ve sampled stuff that users often forget about this machine.

So, what is different about this sample library?

-When you clock the 606 to a long tempo you can hear hi-hats and cymbals with a longer release so we’ve sampled these at various speeds.

-Also when you play an open and a closed hi-hat at the same time you get a different sound, like a very strong semi-closed hi-hat at much higher volume. We’ve also sampled this.

-And last but not least, we’ve sampled each of these sounds with 2 degrees of accent intensity.

To top it off everything was ran through a Great River 500-NV preamp (Neve 1073 topology) and a tiny bit of eq (a really nice Inward Connectinos EQP2 parametric), sampled whith converters of the highest quality (Black Lion Audio).


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