The HelloSamples team spreads around the globe, from deep into the woods to the huge metropolis, though strongly connected to work together and capture our love and passion for sound.

As electronic music producers, we have always been diggin’ in the crates, searching for those magical records that inspired our parents on their journey across the earth, longtime before we were born…

Today we are explorers of the analog universe, so our sounds can range from the humming of a bird to a frequency of an analog synthesizer. Our mission is to find those sound treasures hidden in the deepest places of our world and imagination, to make them accessible to any creator.

The result are organic, warm and inspiring sounds to hopefully find a place in your samplers/heart and stimulate creativity. The right balance between nature and technology.


Head of Product & Founder


Head of Image & Co-Founder


Head of Business & Co-Founder

Pepe Coca (Positif)

Sound Designer / Writer

Jaime (Skygaze)

Sound Designer / Composer

Dudu Bongo

Sound Hunter / Instrument Craftsman