First of all! We are Music Lovas!

Music has always been part of Human History. Since the African tam tam, where the rythm was the pillar of native rituals, passing trouhg the wisdom and understanding about scales and notes of the Pitagoric school, the genius of Mozart, the Gospel, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Hip-hop, Pop, Electronica and arriving to our days, where we can feel all the sours mixed up  in what we only can call again MUSIC.

As electronic music producers, we have always been diggin’ over the crates, searching for those magic records that inspired our parents in his journey over the earth, longtime before we born…

At the same time, we are lovers of the new vision that internet is bringing to the world. Artists have found on the Net the best way to share their work, connect with similar people, and the most important: begin to be able to manage their career in a more freely way.

A very interesting thing that concerns us all is freedom of Art: piracy is not seemed by the mass as a problem, and the term itself was designed by the authority to demonise a social phenomenon that has for sure, a lot more pros than cons…). Also, we can see how fast an economy based on ideas, shares and services is growing thanks to the internet.

It seems that Internet has become a perfect place for sharing, so here is our share….

In HelloSamples we hope to find a place in your samplers/heart. Bringing a lil bit of our life… Sharing some SOUNDS…

Semetimes there would be strange organic percussions recorded with our Brauner Vm1 Microphone passing thru a Neve 8801 Channel Strip, or maybe some magic Rhodes touches performed by my lovely friend Lucia, passing thru a Moogerfooger MF104 analog delay, and Murf pedals! We don’t forget the dusty crates!!! So… MPC chops from vinyls are also an undertaking we want to take!

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