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Positif Synth School Vol.1- Daft Punk “Human After All” sound

PSC1aThis is the first of a bunch of synth “how to’s” recreating famous sounds with our gear, we’re gonna call it “POSITIF SYNTH SCHOOL” and it will be conducted by our synth geek Pepe Coca!

This is a list of gear you can find on Pepe’s “Positif” studio:

.PIANO: Wurlitzer EP-200A and Kawai Upright

.ANALOG SYNTHS: Roland SH-101, SH-2, Jupiter-4, System 100 (semidodular), SH3a (all vintage rolands) / Korg MS-10, X-911 (vintage) / Moog Little Phatty 2 / FutureRetro XS (semimodular) / Rozzbox One V2 (extremely rare polyphonic hybrid synth) / Octave Cat SRM (vintage) / Kawai 100-F (vintage) / Analogue Solutions SEMblance / Doepfer (modular)

.DRUMS: Roland TR-606, CR-8000 (vintage) / Boss HC-2 Hand Clapper (808 clap module), PC-2 Percussion Synthesizer (vintage) / Simmons SDS-9 (vintage) / TBS Syncussion DRM-1 (ie: vermona DRM)

.REVERB/DELAY: Roland RE-201 Space Echo (vintage) / Korg GR-1 (stereo spring, vintage) / Klark-Teknik DN-780 (vintage) / Hiwatt Custom Tape Echo

.COMPRESSION: Urei (Universal Audio) 1776 comp.-limiter / SSL-4000G stereo compressor (clone) / ADK CLA-1 (LA-3A clone) / Inward Connections OPT-1 (optical)

.EQ: Inward Connections EQP-2, Siemens w295a (vintage, racked stereo pair).

to name a few….


First on this series is the main “ay” or “yeah” synth sound on Daft Punk’s “Human after all” track.

We recreated it on an Octave Cat synth from 1977-79 approx.

Demo Loops:

HS-Daft Punk’s – Human After All – on an Octave Cat SRM Synth by hellosamples

This baby is capable of so much crazy stuff!

The “Daft Patch” is made cross modulating one or both vcos (vco 1 to vco 2 and/ or viceversa) plus putting the filter on the verge of self oscillation while it’s being modulated by one vco (filter FM). The “ay and “ya” vocal sounds are made manually tweaking the PWM (pulse width modulation) knob of the square wave. Moving the filter frequency knob also yields interesting “vocal” results.

There’s no need to have an Octave Cat though. If you have a synth with similar characteristics (cross modulation, self oscillating filter with fm, and pwm on one oscillator) you might be able to achieve similar results.

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  • Vocal Daft Synth Maschine Groups (27 Mb)   (sorry MPC guys!!! NO pgm files this time due to the samples size, but you can download the maschine kit and make your own kits!)

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You can find more about Pepe and his projects  HERE


Licencia Creative Commons

HelloSamples Loops & Kits by HelloSamples is subjected to Creative Commons Reconocimiento 3.0 Unported license.

Based on the work exposed on www.hellosamples.com.


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    I’ve only made commentary on HelloSamples over on the Maschine forum, so I figured I should make at least one comment here to tell you guys how awesome you are.

    Much love from Los Angeles, keep up the great work.

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    Vaaamooooooooooooooooos!no mpc…. :__(

    • Reply

      Analog Boy

      No man! Ésta vez el kit es tocho y está programado como multisample para Maschine..
      Hacerlo para MPC ubiera sido una perdida de tiempo y de espacio…no quieres que un PGM te gaste 40MB de la poca RAM que tienes en el MPC.

      Pero bájatelos igualmente y hazte un mini kit de MPC que los “Wahhsss” Analógicos están realmente chulos!

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    Ok! lo hago y te lo rulo, asin igual se puede subir!

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    Jerry Hendriks


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    paul Anderson

    hey, can you load these sounds onto a mo8??

    • Reply

      Analog Boy

      All samples are in Wav format (44100 / 24 bits for the maschine versions, and 16 bits for the MPC ones) You just have to load them on the MO8 😉

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