Positif Synth School Vol.3

PSC3This is a special Synth School class, because it’s not about a particular song, but a homage to the art of scratching: from Grand Master Flash to Qbert.


So, how is it made?:
Well it’s a very simple patch believe it ir not!, pulse width modulated VCO (sync’d to another vco, wich wont sound at all), medium-high resonance, low cutoff and an ADSR routed to VCO pitch. Make sure attack is not too low, and set a high decay, and pretty much zero sustain and release.

Playing with the adsr will give you longer or shorter scratches.
POSITIF SYNTH SCHOOL VOL.3: Simulating vinyl scratches on a FutureRetro XS analog synthesizer. by Positifpositif<

You can find more about Pepe and his projects HERE


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