For this second Artist Series, we’ve had the enormous pleasure to count on Fast Boo as commanders of the ship; two young fellas stemming from Barcelona’s surroundings within one of the most prolific and exciting music scenes in the area.

They first started as Hip Hop producers back in the days, consolidating their ‘RCA Flacos’ project and as they’ve matured and perfected they’re sound, they’ve inevitably shifted they’re sonic approach to a more danceable and sexy sound with Fast Boo.

Now, they’ve recently released his debut album, that include 10 original tracks released on Little Red Corvette Records with various vocal collaborations. These same 10 tracks have been converted to projects and kits for this library, sharing with you how they’ve composed, arranged and produced they’re tracks. So, we’re going to chatter with them about all this things and more…

HelloSamples – Hi guys! Could you explain to us a bit about your first steps in music, how you got together and how you evaluate your progression up to this point?


Fast Boo – We met back in high school, where we already started sharing our musical tastes. Our beginnings in music started around the same time until crossing paths in 2010. We both were DJ’s in different Hip-Hop groups and as DJ’s we would meet and exchange tricks and music. After a couple collaborations together and a whole weekend we spent making beats like mad, we decided to form “RCA Flacos”, our first project together as Hip-Hop producers/beatmakers. Years went by and our affinity both in the studio and at live shows matured, as well as our musical tastes. So, around 2015 we decided to start a parallel project that would give us the creative freedom to explore other musical inclinations closer to Funk and electronic music; that’s how ‘Fast Boo’ came up.


How was the experience of working with a full band (drums, guitar, bass and sax) and 5 different singers on this album? Would you point out any key lessons that you’ve learned out of this process?


Well, working with the band has been quite a natural process. We’re really lucky to count on a lot of musician friends, and even more that they’ve fallen in love with our project. It was actually them that wanted to get onboard in the first place. Working with people that love music and on top understands it, it’s always a pleasure. Working with the singers has been a bit more challenging though, since we’ve had to adapt our musical ideas to each of them. Anyhow, they all have been really professional and it has been a true pleasure working with them.


What should we expect to find in your Artist Series? Do you think your composing- producing experience on your album has maybe impregnated it?


In AS2 the user will find the true essence of our songs on “Super Soft”. We’ve tried to put all elements and sounds that we would like to find if we would be buying it. From synthetic sounds to the most organic ones we have, we sincerely think there is enough material to keep you busy and inspired for a long time.


From the composing, recording and production point of view; How do you approach creating a drum sequence for your tracks?


When creating a drum sequence we let ourselves go by what we have in mind at each moment. We usually start with the MPC, programming the backbone beat of the track in its sequencer. Then we tend to add acoustic elements and even record real drums in top of the sampled stuff in order to give it more feeling and life.


We feel that your melodies are really catchy. How do you proceed with this part of the composition? Have the singers taken part in this process too?


With the melodies we follow an improvising approach, trying again and again until we find the right one. It’s true that some melodies have been inspired by the singers voice, but we normally create various proposals inside the same harmony and we then decide which one we dig the most.


Some Phatty and PolySix sounds are perceptible in your music and we love it… Which gear would you label as key pieces in your studio?


By all means, the Moog Little Phatty and the Korg Polysix can not be missing in any of our tracks. That and an MPC1000 / MPC60 have been key for creating our compositions. We’ve also used many other sounds from the Casio CZ5000, the Yamaha CP25 and a Fender Rhodes. Ultimately, the key is to know how to combine your tools and use them at the right measure.


How does this year look like for Fast Boo? Any special plans? Say whatever you want to finish


This year we’ll be focused on our live show and on some pending remixes. We’ll also take any opportunity to create new songs.
We have to say it has been a pleasure to make this library with HelloSamples and that you guys should only worry about what truly matters, quality. 😉


Happy beatmaking!

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