Ableton Live

When Ableton Live came out in 1999 it was radically different from other musical software. For the people behind Ableton, the computer was not a replacement for a tape machine in a studio but a tool to improvise with on stage and as part of the creative process. The principe is “It is all about playing and constructing in real time”, not about capturing a performance from a ‘real musician’…

The main and revolutionary idea was: The computer is the instrument itself and the musician too. The person behind is the conductor and performer of this new type of instrument.

Live is the most easy and powerful piece of software to date and so are our dedicated Expansion Packs!

Endless source of inspiration!

Premium Sounds

Lo-Fi Haze
Raw Series 4
AS2: Fast Boo
Wild Water Percussions
Bloomy Habitat
Dusty Crate Drums
Abused Modular Drums
Re-Amped Acoustic Drums
Jawbreaker Beats
Organic House
Golden Hip Hop
Voltage Controlled Drums
Dusty Cosmic Beats
Organic Flavoured Chords
FX. Rises & Drops
Analog Tempest Drums
Vintage Electric Piano
XBase09 Analog Drums
Electric Piano 2 Moog
Vermona DRMI Drum Machine

Free Sounds

Moog Bass Tone
Abstract Percussion
Acoustic & Analog Drums
Synths & Keys


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