Foley Percussion free sound pack in Wav - Ableton - Maschine - Akai MPC format


Abstract Casual Percussion

Abstract Casual Percussion is a collection of free percussion sounds made from objects found near the studio.

Inside you will find the some classic shakers and cabasas, but you will also find strange percussion sound made from dry bay leaves,  water drops, weird kalimba sounds.
We even processed some of those sounds with our lovely
space echo.

If you are searching for raw and organic percussion stuff, with an extra space sounding touch, grab this Sound Pack!

  • More than 400 sounds
    Including egg shakers, antler shakers, cabasa, weird kalimba hits, water drops, space echo delays, writing note noises, etc…
  • 14 Ableton Live Instruments
  • 27 Maschine Group Kits
  • 10 Akai MPC PGMs  (1000/2500)

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