Akai MPC

Akai MPC

Talking about the MPC is inevitably talking about legacy.

This machine was created in collaboration between Akai and Roger Linn (LinnDrum’s creator) in 1988.

Their first model, the MPC 60, laid the foundations of what a sampler-groove machines had to be for the next 20 years (modern gear like Maschine or Push are clearly inspired by it).

Nowadays it’s still broadly used by many producers around the world, and because of that and also because it was our first love, you’ll find many sample packs for it in our site.

Get your fingers ready!

Premium Sounds

Organic Modular Chords
Analog Tempest
Fast Boo
Wild Water Percussions
Bloomy Habitat
Dusty Crate Drums
Abused Modular Drums
Re-Amped Acoustic Drums
Jawbreaker Beats
Organic House
Golden Hip Hop
Voltage Controlled Drums
Dusty Cosmic Beats
Organic Flavoured Chords
Analog Tempest Drums
Vintage Electric Piano
XBase09 Analog Drums
Electric Piano 2 Moog
Vermona DRMI Drum Machine

Free Sounds

Moog Bass Tone
Abstract Percussion
Acoustic & Analog Drums
Synths & Keys


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