Hack Friday Pack

Hack Friday Pack

Tech Specs

160+ Samples

Kontakt: 10 Kits + NEW 16PAD Instrument

Ableton: 10 Drum Racks

Maschine: 10 Groups

This exclusive sound pack was made with the “hack” concept in mind.

We have recorded some sounds from digital machines, routers, modems and radios and layered them to create inspiring Kits.

Gear Used: 2 different FM/AM Radios, TE OP-1, Sony PCM D-100, Sound Skulptor MP53 and UA 2192.

Incl. NEW 16PAD Instrument!

In case you were wondering, there won’t be Black Friday deals this year at HelloSamples

That’s mainly because we’re a little bit upset about this never-ending need to sell, sell and sell, like it’s the end of the world. It seems to us like it makes everyone forget about the real value of things and all the work put behind.

You may actually remember, that we did in fact offer Black Friday deals last year. Anyhow, we sincerely don’t feel right supporting this kind of mindless consumerism no more, so we’ve decided to STOP all this.
This is not the world we imagine.

Today we’re going to HACK BLACK FRIDAY and start our little ‘THANKSGIVING DAY’. Not in a traditional way, but by giving back to those who’ve supported us with a little unique present. After 7 DAYS ONLY (until 2nd December), this present will self destruct and will be impossible to get it again 😉 So please keep it as a small treasure for your own enjoyment, or share it with others!


Still here?

As you’ve hopefully noticed, we have been working really hard this past year to get this project to a higher level. We are still fighting it though, but each day more awesome people are joining the family, as we try to bring you more sound libraries like no other in the market and always at a fair price.

We always aim to be honest and set the prices directly related to the real work behind them, and that’s the main reason why many of our products have different prices between them.
Also, as you know, we don’t sell physical products nor trendy products, that at the end of the season have no value left and need to be sold at bargain prices. To the contrary, we work hard to squeeze our brains and craft libraries that can last longly and be useful and valuable today or maybe ten years from now.

We know how hard it is sometimes to save the money to invest in software, sound and gear… We also understand what is affordable, and your profile is probably not really different from ours. That’s why though we always keep fair prices during year, we like to offer around a 20% discount during the release week of a new library.

With all that said, all we want is to share with you our thoughts about our products, prices and relationship with you as our ‘customer’. We’re aware that we make a living out of selling and that marketing is necessary, but not all marketing is valid to us. That’s why we differentiate what marketing and promotions fit our values and culture and which ones are just about selling.

Also, please be aware that we don’t aim to give any moral lessons with this. Anyone is entitled to spend it’s money freely, and today is a great day like any other day.
We just felt the need to express ourselves… and what is more important to us… to say a big THANKS FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT.

We expect to get better and better everyday so we can achieve our dream of becoming excellent sound makers!

Yeah, we know, you just want us to stop writing. Haha!  Enjoy the present!

And please, feel free to share with us your thoughts about this or any other comments you may have.  We are always happy to hear you out!

Much love and good music,

Borja Ruiz and the HelloSamples Team.

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