NI Maschine Samples

NI Maschine

Maschine is a hardware and software combo produced by Native Instruments in 2009. It takes the principles of a classic MPC groovebox and adds the flexibility of computer programming and large and quick storage + tons of onboard FX and VST integration.

Since then it has revolutionised the beatmaking scene. Even Akai, historical leader on the market, has taken the vault and followed the same philosophy with their new “Renaissance” series.

We do love Maschine, and we have tons of sounds for it!

Check them out!

Premium Sounds

Chill Wobbly Beats
Organic Modular Chords
Analog Rytm
AS2: Fast Boo
Wild Water Percussions
Bloomy Habitat
Dusty Crate Drums
Abused Modular Drums
Re-Amped Acoustic Drums
Jawbreaker Beats
Organic House
Golden Hip Hop
Voltage Controlled Drums
Dusty Cosmic Beats
Organic Flavoured Chords
FX, Rises & Drops
Analog Tempest Drums
Vintage Electric Piano
XBase09 Analog Drums
Electric Piano 2 Moog
Vermona DRMI Drum Machine

Free Sounds

Moog Bass Tone
Abstract Percussion
Acoustic & Analog Drums
Synths & Keys


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