Snack Pack 001: Re-Amped Acoustic Drums

If you've encountered the natural wild funk-rock of Undergrooveland while walking around Camden Town, you've probably stopped to listen for a while, partly because of Nathan and his unbridled drum playing.

In Nathan's style you can recognize the mixture between punk's debauchery and the absolute control for detail that's almost academic, making him one of the key references of the underground drum players.

The word is attitude, and this little pack we've prepared is full of it!

We present to you a collection of drum sounds and kits played by Nathan and later processed through amps and guitar pedals.

Funk, punk and rock, all along!!

Demo Sounds

(Demo song includes sounds from our Sweet Chords Series)

(Incl. 1 Ableton Kit, 1 Maschine Kit & 1 MPC Kit)

Tech Specs

160+ Samples

Kontakt: 10 Kits + NEW 16PAD Instrument

Ableton: 10 Drum Racks

Maschine: 10 Groups

Akai MPC: 10 PGMs

Gear Used: Gretsch Catalina Drums, Sound Skulptor MP73 preamp (Neve clone), UA 1176 compressor, EHX Big Muff, EHX English Muff’n, Fender Deluxe amp, OTO Biscuit.

Incl. NEW 16PAD Instrument!

Kontakt + Ableton Live + NI Maschine + Akai MPC + WAV packs
Built on Kontakt, Ableton Live Suite 9.6.2, Maschine, Akai MPC1000, 2500 (compatible with Renaissance).
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