Organic Hip-Hop sound pack in Wav - Ableton - Maschine - Akai MPC format



770 WAV samples
300 WAV loops
24 bits
1,6 Gb


20 projects
185 Instruments including
   54 drum rack devices
   – 131 sampler devices
257 clips

20 projects
50 groups

50 pgms

* All samples are WAV format. This means they are virtually compatible with 99% of audio devices.
Feel free to use this sample pack with hardware samplers such as Elektron Octatrack, Digitakt, Roland SPs, or any software samplers.

Ableton 9.7.7 (or newer)
Maschine 2.5.2 (or newer)
Akai MPC 1000/2500


A fresh new dish for the Flavours series is now ready and served…

As a fourth taste we have Bloomy Habitat, an abundant collection of home grown sample cuts, loops and MIDI beats.

Reminiscent of artists such as Shlohmo, Mount Kimbie or Teebs and labels such as wedidit, Ghostly or Brainfeeder, this library holds a wonky, textured and melodic nature and is composed by crunchy acoustic percussion, radiant melodies, outdoor-recorded acoustic guitars and melodic bass lines, played by our favourite bassist. 

Inside you will find 20 production recipes built as Ableton and Maschine projects, including construction kits and MIDI beats ready for Push macros and Maschine. Also available as construction kits for old and modern MPC’s or as a simple WAV version. Whatever suits you best!

A total of 770+ different samples and more than 300 WAV loops, making it a vigorous and tasteful pack for your sampler.

Let’s make this buds bloom into flowers!

Beat Nature

Symbiose with the sound of bloomy habitats

770 samples / 300 loops

Layered Drums – Foley percussion & found sounds

Bloomy organic melodies 

Dusty vinyl[ised] chords & deep basses

Programmed Kits

Tuned and arranged for instant fun

20 Midi projects (Ableton & Maschine)

54 Ableton drum racks / 131 sampler devices / 257 Clips

51 Maschine groups

50 MPC pgms

MIDI Projects

The real deal behind this library – Creator’s thoughts


“When we first envisaged the Flavours Series, our first priority was to offer not only loops and samples characteristic of a music style or era, but also offer midi projects (and their correspondent programmed kits) that let the user understand how those songs/patters were built.

If you think twice, you can obviously get inspired by using audio loops, but why not learn the basics behind that grooves while you have fun?.

Building those libraries is a great endeavour, first because most of those music styles were built using hardware vintage gear, and second because not all the music softwares run the same way or have the same configurations regarding velocity settings, volumes, etc.

We first need to build the songs on those vintage machines, record all the resulting stuff on a DAW and finally chop the samples again and re-build the songs inside softwares such as Ableton Live or Machine. 

We really hope you value this effort and enjoy playing with the flavours series and learn a lil bit more on every release!”

– Borja Ruiz & Jaime Tellado



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