Modular Drums 2 sound pack in WAV - Kontakt - Ableton - Maschine -format



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1248 One Shots including:
-149 Kicks
-161 Snares
-94 Hi-Hats
-702 Percussions (!!!!!)
-47 Cymbals
-95 FX

384 Loops

24 bits / 44.1 Khz audio files

1.17 Gb


– 79 Drum Racks

78 Groups

78 Kontakt Drum Kits
29 Individual Chromatic Sounds

* All samples are WAV format. This means they are virtually compatible with 99% of audio devices.
Feel free to use this sample pack with hardware samplers such as Elektron Octatrack, Digitakt, Roland SPs, or any software samplers.

Ableton 10.1.6 (or newer) – (Ableton Intro compatible)
Maschine 2.8.2 (or newer)
Kontakt 5.8.1 (or newer – full version required)


Modular synthesizers are gaining notoriety by leaps and bounds.

Sure, the learning curve is high, but with such unique modulation possibilities, modular systems are the perfect machines for deep sound exploration.

Creating unique drums and percussive one shots – sounds that go far away of what any single classic or modern drum machine can offer – has been never so easy to achieve.

Considering the explosion of new brands and exciting modules for Eurorack we decided to create library that explores the limits of organic and synthetic while redefining how a modern drum sound pack should be.


Sound Generators

The first very important module used fo this library is MI Elements. A modal synthesizer perfect for organic sound creation. It doesn’t matter if you are behind a soft bell, a wooden percussion, a metallic hi-hat or a noisy scratchy sound made on an organic surface. This IS the module to go.

Then we abused the NE Basimilus Iteritas Alter, an extremely aggressive digital percussion synthesizer. You can create the most powerful bass drums with it, as well as the hardest hitting snares, or the most devastating effects with just some simple patching. Those two modules alongside the Piston Honda (wavetable oscillator), a ladder filter (Rossum Evolution) and a Bit Crusher ) + countless utilities were all we needed to create one of the most creative and powerful libraries dropped by HelloSamples.


Patches / Loops Sequences / One Shots

We spent months creating patches on the modular.
Those ephemeral sound pieces were recorded in every studio session as audio loops + individual one shots.

The 78 drum kits (Kontakt, Ableton, Maschine) were built based on those recordings.
There are 16 samples per kit (including Kick, Snares, Hi-Hats, Percussions, Textures etc..) that give you the exact feel of a certain patch. 16 samples of an ephemeral piece of sound now programmed and ready to play.

And the best thing is the sound is so unique, so organic and so punchy that you can incorporate them on every production, no matter the genre you are working on.

We hope you enjoy Modular Drums 2 as much as we did building it!

Modular Drums

Creative Sound Design / Never heard before sounds

1238 One Shot Samples

376 Audio Loops

Thousands of inspiring Eurorack drum sounds at the price of an utility module

Program Kits

Tuned and arranged for instant fun

78 Kontakt Drum Kits + 29 Chromatic Patches

78 Ableton Live devices

78 Maschine groups

AUTHOR’s Thoughts

Creative & Experimental ≠ Weird


“7 years ago I bought my first Eurorack module.

It remained a very simple setup during the next 2 years. Then I slowly moved from this modest system based on 2 oscillators, 1 filter and 1 LFO to a complete system with dozens of sound sources, filters, envelopes, LFOs and utilities.

Not only has my modular system grown to a more than 600hp beast, but my experience with modules has increased my synthesis knowledge, learning and discovering new and faster ways to get interesting sounds.

All this has been possible in part thanks to you.

During this last year I have spent countless days creating rhythmic patches with the entire modular beast and recording the results as high quality samples.

This library is an attempt on my part to return all the support I have received from you, using my favourite modules in the most creative ways, leaving the comfort zone certain musical styles offer.

Being an intrepid pack, I think it will fit very well in any producer’s sampler, no matter if its making techno, trap, or even cinematic scores. They will all feel inspired by those new sounds.






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