Drum sound pack based on Roland CR-78 Compu Rhuthm analog drum machine in WAV - Kontakt - Ableton - Maschine - Akai MPC format


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– 489 Total Samples including:
57 different sounds* x 5 round robin = 285 rr samples
204 extra samples reprocessed

– 630 Loops including:
210 Clean loops
210 Tape Processed loops
210 Filter Saturated loops

437 Mb
– 24 bits / 44.1 Khz audio files

* The difference between a sound and a sample is that a sound exists conceptually. For example, this library contains 5 different sounds but (because of the round robin) we included +20 round robin samples.


10 Drum Racks
– 3 original drum racks
– 7 processed drum racks
11 Sampler racks with sample selector

11 groups

11 Kontakt Drum Kits
– 4 original drum racks
– 7 processed drum racks
63 Individual sounds (round robin)

* All samples are WAV format. This means they are virtually compatible with 99% of audio devices.
Feel free to use this sample pack with hardware samplers such as Elektron Octatrack, Digitakt, Roland SPs, or any software samplers.
Ableton 10.1 (or newer)
Maschine 2.8.2 (or newer)
Kontakt 5.8.1 (or newer)


Presented in 1978, the Compu Rhythm CR-78 is by far, one of the best sounding analog rhythm machines ever created. Trust us. There is no other machine that matches the human feel and punchiness CR-78 delivers.

The CR-78 came with 34 built in preset rhythm patterns (Rock, Disco, Waltz, Shuffle, Slow Rock, Swing, etc…)
Even if its program capabilities were poor and rudimentary, the groove of its included rhythms and the pure rawness of its sound made it a classic used by iconic musicians from very different genres (think of Phill Collins, Fatboy Slim, Blondie, etc…)


The CR-78 offers very electronic yet analog drum tones.

Kick, snare, rimshot, cowbell, hi-hats, cymbals, congas, bongos, tambourine and guiro are covered.

They sound absolutely great. That’s why we have maintained our “raw” philosophy by carefully sampling the drum machine through top class preamps (Neve 1073 to UA2192 converters) with no further compression or processing.
But… Since this machine is slightly limited in sound design possibilities we decided to also include layered, re-pitched, filtered and tape saturated versions of the original samples to offer a more diverse and playable sound pack staying true to the original.


Besides the one shot samples we decided to also include the precious built-in rhythm loops.
We first recorded all the loops at 124bpm. But carefully listening to the original machine playing at 90bpm gave us a different feeling than playing it at 124bpm. Things were walking a lil bit funkier…

So, we decided to sample it again at 90bpm, ending with loops for fast (electronic) and slow (funky) songs.

Not happy with that extra care we decided to re-sample all the loops processing them with the same tape saturation and Filter effects previously used in the one shots samples.

The result is a punchy, organic and vintage drum soundpack that pays homage to a classic but also oozes the HelloSamples savoir-faire!

Download CR-78 analog drum sounds WAV samples & loops for Kontakt, Ableton & Maschine.

CR-78 Analog Drums

Get the flavour of the original machine

489 samples / 260 different sounds
630 Loops / Clean, Tape Sat, Filter Distort
Kick / Snare / Tom / Hi-hat / Tambourine / Conga / Bongo / Guiro
Round robin technique x5 samples for extra realness

Program Kits

Tuned and arranged for instant fun
11 Kontakt Drum Kits + 64 Chromatic Patches
21 Ableton Live devices
11 Maschine groups

Creator’s Thoughts

Why should you care about dynamic range in sample libraries?


For a start, compression and normalization are a process that is almost impossible to counter. Of course you can use expanders to regain some dynamic range, but the negative artifacts of compression and volume normalization will still be there.

If you think twice, most serious producers have their own set of preferred tools and dynamic processors So if you want to use dynamic sounds in say, a more “laid back” production, you just can’t do it with regular libraries.

When dealing with synthetic analog sounds, dynamics are key. Unlike real drum and instrument samples, synthetic sounds are already very undynamic, so having the option to “let them breathe” a bit is certainly a good idea.

It’s as close as having the machine yourself. The “real deal” doesn’t sound compressed, it breathes and it sounds RAW!




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