Spaced Out FX Vol.1

How it sounds
Tech Specs
  • All WAV files in 24 bits 44.100
  • 304 Samples
    • 32 Blofeld samples
    • 33 Modular Eurorack samples
    • 51 DSI Evolver samples
    • 16 DSI Tetra samples
    • 15 Teenage Engineering OP-1 samples
    • 13 Moog Little Phatty samples
    • 31 Moog Voyager samples
    • 24 Korg Mono/Poly samples
    • 06 Korg MS20 samples
    • 05 Roland Juno 106 samples
    • 06 Roland Jupiter 4 samples
    • 5 Roland SH2 samples
    • 07 Roland SH101 samples
    • 14 Casio CZ5000 samples
    • +46 other samples experimenting with other micro synths, space recordings and field recordings.
  • 12 Ableton Live Instruments
  • 23 Maschine Groups
  • About this library
    Space is the place!
    Welcome to a world of effects, rises, drops and never ending drones.
    “Spaced Out FX Vol.1” is our first set of tools focused on spacey, mind boggling effects. This unique sound library comes packed with heaps of character that will add space and dynamism to any production.
    Forget about boring sound packs made out of just filtered white noise. On “Spaced Out FX Vol.1” we've picked the most bizarre synths in our collection and pushed the limits of their modulation capabilities while boosting their uniqueness with rare & boutique FX boxes. Some of the analog classics used for this library include: Korg's Mono/Poly, Roland's SH Series (SH-101, SH-2 & SH-3), Roland's Jupiter 4, a gigantic Eurorack modular system or the recently discontinued Moog Voyager & Little Phatty synthesizers. We've also thrown in sounds from a few modern marvels like Waldorf's Blofeld, Teenage Engineering's OP-1 and DSI's Evolver.
    Last but not least, we've included a selection of field recordings and found material (from a well known Space Agency) that's been edited and processed extensively with the best outboard.
    So close your eyes, fasten your seatbelt and get yourself this pack of 304 sound FX that will skyrocket your music productions and audiovisual projects.
    It's a small step for man, but a giant leap for sound design!
    Complete Bundle
    WAV + Ableton Live + NI Maschine
    Compatible with Maschine 2.2.3 and Ableton Live 9.
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