Sweet Chords Vol.3

How it sounds

Vinyl Noises

As a little extra we've added vinyl noises from our record collection giving to this library an interesting collection of texturized grooves to give a deep and organic touch to your productions.

Tech Specs
  • All WAV files in 24-bit 44.1 kHz (16-bit for MPC)
  • 1500+ painstakingly handcut samples
  • 107 Ableton Live Instruments (Live 9.5 required)
    • 48 Construction Kits (moods - styles)
    • 75 Chord Sampler Instruments
    • 32 Polyphonic Toys
  • 108 Maschine Groups (48 Construction Kits)
  • 81 Akai MPC PGMs (Compatible with MPC 1000/2500)
  • All files are organized and tagged with metadata compatible with Maschine.

    Also, easy organization on the Ableton Live Pack.

    About this library

    After our critically acclaimed Sweet Chords Vol.1 & Vol.2 we’re back with a brand new series!

    We’ve focused this time on making the library more complete, eclectic and versatile. In terms of sound, we’ve pushed it further by creating layered chords formed by guitars, vibraphones, synths (OP-1, Poly Evolver, Nord and Blofeld), field recordings, vinyl noises and of course the characteristic Electric Piano. Also, we’ve listened to your suggestions based on the first two volumes and made longer chords.

    Last but not least, we’ve redefined the way we program the kits, making them more fun and intuitive to play. This relies on how the sounds have been distributed. Some kits consist of 8 long chords disposed in a certain progression and 8 single notes on the same scale (providing a realistic feeling to the performance, playing chords with one hand and riffs and melodies with the other) and the second type have 8 electric piano chords plus 8 complementary chords featuring diverse instruments. Fun ensured!

    The result is 1500+ sounds divided by 48 different construction kits that respond to different moods and ideas that fits perfectly to House, Hip Hop, Future R&B, Electronica and even cinematic compositions.

    Sweet dreams and happy beatmaking!

    Gear Used

    Instruments: Rhodes MKII | Clavia Nord Wave | Waldorf Blofeld | OP-1 | DSI Poly Evolver | Korg MonoPoly | Guitar | Vibes.

    Processors & FX: Roland RE-201 Space Echo | Moogerfooger Delay | Moogerfooger Murf | Moogerfooger Cluster Flux | Roger Linn Adrenalinn.

    Recording: SK MP573 (Neve Preamps) | UA 6176 Preamp | Sony PCM-D100 portable recorder | UA 2192 converter.

    Complete Bundle
    Akai MPC + NI Maschine + Ableton Live
    Requires MPC1000 & 2500, Maschine 2.3 and Ableton Live 9.5.


    Compatible with most samplers
    24-bit Format
    1600+ Sample files

    Akai MPC

    Compatible with MPC1000 & 2500
    16-bit Format
    1500+ Sample files
    81 Akai PGMs

    NI Maschine

    Compatible with Maschine 2.3
    24-bit Format
    1600+ Sample files
    108 Groups

    Ableton Live

    Compatible with Ableton Live 9.5
    24-bit Format
    1600+ Sample files
    108 Ableton Live Instruments
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