Install Ableton Live Packs

(If you have already downloaded stuff from us in the past, go to step 5)

1.  First, create a new folder called “HelloSamples” wherever you want on you computer. (This folder will contain all the future Live Packs you are going to download)

2.  Open Ableton Live and go to “Places”, on the Library browser (left side on the screen)

3.  Click in “add folder

4.  Select the folder “HelloSamples” you created on the first step and click Open.

You have now created a PATH on your Ableton Library. This folder will automatically scan files in it showing them always up to date.

5. Double click the Live Pack you just downloaded. Ableton should automatically open the project and ask your for a destination in order to import the Live Pack. Choose the folder you created on the first step: (HelloSamples) Click Open. (Be patient and wait. Ableton can take a little time in order to copy all the files to the desired destination)

6.  Your new Live Pack should be now available on “Places”, in your Library Browser: If you want to import more Live Packs in the future, just follow the instructions from step 5.

Your packs will be available automatically on your “HelloSamples” Places in the library browser.


You can now open the kits and begin to have fun!

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